About Dartford


With an industrial history stretching back to the height of the Industrial Revolution, Dartford is to this day home to many bustling industrial areas.

From traditional industries in days gone by, such as brewing and paper making - the country's first paper mill was established in Dartford - to pharmaceuticals and car manufacture at the present time, the town has been home to a vast array of trades.

However, in recent decades, with the decline in local industry, Dartford has become an important commuter town for people working in London instead. As a result of this change, the town has become more suburban and a multitude of retail and business parks have sprung up in and around Dartford to service this population.

There are several retail districts of note in the area, from the ever-popular High Street in the centre of Dartford and the nearby Priory and Orchards shopping centres to the giant Bluewater shopping centre just outside the town, which draws in millions of eager shoppers every year with its massive selection of major brands.

Culture lovers should pay a visit to Dartford's Orchard Theatre, which offers a varied programme of professional performance art, from music and dance to drama and comedy.

Another performance space of note is The Mick Jagger Centre, named after the Rolling Stones' singer who was a pupil at the school that originally stood on the site, and which hosts an interesting community arts programme as well as offering a number of busy workshops.